How long do you sit?

Or perhaps we should ask, how long do you sit still? If you’re like many people, the answer is most of the time. The World Health Organization has identified physical inactivity as the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality causing an estimated 3.2 million deaths globally. Sedentary lifestyles contribute to obesity, disease and back pain.

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Health Benefits

General Health

There's a clear difference between exercise and physical activity. Exercise is a subcategory of physical activity and is planned, structured, repetitive and purposeful with a fitness objective. Physical activity includes exercise in addition to other activities that involve movement including pacing, household chores and other recreational activities. We now know that activity, all activity, is good for our health. Movement helps manage our weight and mood, and bolsters our energy. It also stimulates our circulation, lymphatic system and blood flow to keep vital systems working well.

Back Care

A healthy spine requires a diversity of movement which involves mobilizing the joints, strengthening core muscles and hydration of the vertebral discs. Often when we experience back pain our tendency is to rest up and stop strenuous activity. While this may be physician recommended in the short term, longer term it may not be helpful. Movement and specific back exercises are needed to help alleviate and remedy back pain. Moving on the CoreChair provides an excellent opportunity to gradually work the back and core in a controlled manner to help avoid stiffness.

Cognitive Ability

Being physically active not only helps us to avoid negative outcomes such as chronic disease and obesity, but also helps to boost our brainpower! Cognition, how we understand and interact in the world, relates to the brain-based skills needed to learn, remember and solve problems. Physical activity, whether exercise in the gym or incidental movement on your CoreChair, aids our cognitive power by stimulating blood flow to the brain, delivering oxygen and glucose to make us better able to work on tasks both simplistic and complex.

Increased Metabolism

The science of NEAT™ (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, developed by Mayo Clinic) tells us that activity, all activity, is important and has an impact on metabolic demand (caloric expenditure) and cardiovascular health. Even minimal activity such as pacing or fidgeting increases our metabolic output by 5% and can have a profoundly positive affect on our health. Over the course of a day, the cumulative result of NEAT™ activity is significant.

Studies by Mayo Clinic show that moderate movement on the CoreChair stimulates your metabolism 20% more than sitting on a standard office chair and participating in our CoreFit exercise routines results in energy expenditure equivalent to walking at a pace of 2mph.

In 2016, the CoreChair received NEAT™ certification from Mayo Clinic.

Wellness Investment

Proper distribution of our weight when sitting is a critical factor in chair selection as it translates into seating comfort. Poorly designed chairs can result in uncomfortable pressure points and restriction of circulation. The seat of the CoreChair is aggressively sculpted to embrace your sit bones and provide even weight distribution allowing your circulation to flow freely, so you can focus on your work, not discomfort.

Workplace Wellness

Creating healthy workplaces is an investment that benefits both employers and employees. Making the case for workplace wellness programs is increasingly accepted as the right thing to do on myriad levels. It’s good for employees, and it’s clearly good for business. Strategic wellness initiatives result in improved productivity, less absenteeism/presenteeism, reduced health benefit costs and greater retention and morale.

Inactive lifestyles pose a significant health risk to all of us. The downstream effects of sedentary lifestyles include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and anxiety. The World Health Organization has stated approximately 3.2 million deaths annually can be attributed to insufficient physical activity. Employers are in the unique position of being able to positively impact the health and wellness of employees through strategic wellness programs, educations, benefits and support.

Click the links below for more information from industry reports on workplace wellness:

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Validation By Centres of Excellence

CoreChair was developed with a research based approach to address sitting challenges. We continue to partner with esteemed institutions including University of Waterloo, Mayo Clinic, Cornell University (and others) to undertake significant research validating the health benefits, safety and durability of the CoreChair.

Mayo Clinic / Arizona State University (2015)

Sedentary lifestyles are associated with chronic health conditions, impaired cognitive function and obesity. Recently, the Mayo Clinic under the guidance of obesity solutions expert Dr. James Levine, undertook research to study the connection between physical activity and healthy outcomes. Their research found that passive sitting on the CoreChair (compared to a standard non active chair) increased caloric burn (metabolic demand) by 20% and, when the sitter participated in short bursts of exercise on the chair, incurred metabolic demand equivalent to walking 2mph. CoreChair was awarded NEAT™ certification in 2016 (NEAT™ stands for Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, as developed by the Mayo Clinic).

Cornell University (2015)

Research by Dr. Alan Hedge investigated three variables surrounding productivity, posture and anthropometrics. Outcomes validate CoreChair as a viable alternative to conventional ergonomic chairs with enhanced pressure distribution and the introduction of movement.

University of Waterloo (2015)

This study investigated reaching with focus on lateral movement of the spine and margin of safety. This study concluded that the margin of safety was highest on the CoreChair when compared to the traditional office chair and the exercise ball.

University of Waterloo (2012)

This study investigated the kinematics comparing sitting experiences on a high end ergonomic office chair, an exercise ball and a CoreChair. The study concluded that CoreChair was effective in providing both functional postural support and an opportunity to engage core stabilizing muscles, and encouraging movement to counteract the sedentary outcomes of traditional office chairs.


The full array of BIFMA Standards were used as the guide to engineering specifications with the durability test the highest standard that we set out to achieve. CoreChair exceeded 1 million cycles (simulating sitting occasions) where the product had a 250-pound weight on the seating surface and the chair was mechanically moved through the full range of 14 degrees at highest resistance. All other BIFMA standards were exceeded.

Guelph University (Ongoing)

Dr. Leah Bent and team will be researching changes in blood flow both in lower extremity and carotid vessels to link movement to enhanced circulatory function; sensation on lower extremities and pressure mapping on the seated surface; and cerebral blood flow vs. cognitive function.

Memorial University (Ongoing)

Dr. Diana DeCarvalho will study sitting-induced low back pain and the ability of an ‘active’ office chair to improve spine biomechanics and/or reduce perceived low back pain ratings during prolonged sitting exposure.


  • "I have suffered from poor posture at my computer table and drafting table for years resulting in chronic back pain. I purchased my CoreChair in March 2015 and have been enjoying its health benefits ever since. I appreciate the great service and my back appreciates proper support."


  • "Gorgeous product and thanks for getting back to me so swiftly."


  • "After several weeks of regular chair use, I am now virtually pain free and no longer dread sitting at my desk. I must also commend you on your excellent customer service and positive attitude of your support staff."


  • "Love, Love this chair. It provides me with the lumbar support that I have always longed for, but could never find in anything before this device. The motion of the chair has certainly strengthened my core. I know that the longer I use it the more I will develop better posture both on and off the CoreChair."


  • "As a creative agency, we sit at our computers too long—sometimes 8-10 or more hours a day. One of the major complaints from my staff was back, shoulder, and neck pain. We’ve had our CoreChairs almost a year now and there have been ZERO complaints. Pain and discomfort are gone, myself included! From a business perspective, it’s been a great investment!"


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