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We love that our CoreChair is easy to use with simple, intuitive movements and the ability to select your range of motion! With three quick adjustments, your CoreChair can be set to your ideal height, seat back depth and preferred resistance.

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What To Expect

1 Day

How exciting! The chair arrives and you eagerly assemble it. There may be a bit of an adjustment period as you discover your height and fluidity preferences.

1 Week

Engaging inactive muscles may leave you feeling a bit sore during your first week or two on the chair. This means you’re starting to reap CoreChair’s benefits including improved posture and a stronger core!

1 Month

You’re off to the races! You now have a good feel for how the chair works and your body has become accustomed to active sitting. Enjoy the next 12+ years in your CoreChair!


CoreChair allows you to incorporate physical activity into your workday, complementing your personal fitness objectives by encouraging you to move while you sit. We’ve developed a series of quick and easy CoreChair exercise routines to get you moving

Satisfaction Guarantee

60 Day Return Policy

We offer a 60 Day Return Policy. If the CoreChair is not everything you hoped for, it can be returned for a full refund – we’ll pay for the shipping too! Please keep the original packaging and contact our customer service team at or call 1.877.300.3797 within 60 days of receiving your chair.

12 Year Warranty

Your CoreChair is warranted against manufacturing defects for a full 12 years. Its structure and mechanisms have been rigorously tested to ensure they will continue to perform under normal conditions. It's that simple. If the chair breaks and it's determined that it was a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace your chair. Please note: While this warranty does not include normal wear and tear, we will be pleased to offer you an opportunity to upgrade your components that might be subject to unusual conditions beyond our control at a preferred CoreChair rate. Please note that the user weight limit is 250 pounds.


arrowCan I try it before I buy it?

As CoreChair becomes available at more retailers and possibly your physical therapist or chiropractic clinic, you will have an opportunity to try before you buy.

In the meantime, CoreChair is very confident to process your order to purchase a CoreChair and allow you 60 days to decide if it’s everything you wanted. If for any reason you decide that it is not, CoreChair will provide you with a full refund and pay for the return of your chair. For this, we recommend that you find a nice place to store your packaging until you are certain of your decision to keep your CoreChair.

arrowDo you offer financing?

For corporate financing options, please contact We do not offer personal financing options at this time.

arrowHow big is the chair?

arrowHow can I get my boss to consider purchasing one?

One of your employment objectives is to assist your boss in generating revenue to sustain the business. For your boss to consider purchasing you a CoreChair, he or she will want to understand the benefits to you and them as well as some kind of return on investment.

These include your comfort and efficiency throughout your day as well as the impact of health for other interventions that you might be engaging in to address some of the MSD that come with working a sedentary job. In this emerging awareness of the benefits of health and wellness in the workplace, the CoreChair is a perfect compliment.

Your boss will also be concerned about their ROI beyond the obvious health implications. When we designed the ChoreChair we included safety and durability as two significant design criteria. CoreChair has been designed and tested for 1 million cycles, which is comparable to a ten-year period. If you consider that the CoreChair should perform well for a period of ten years with only the possibility of occasional replacement of cushions that might naturally wear down like your favorite pair of jeans. And, if your boss purchases more than 10 chairs, we will give them an even better price.

arrowHow do I know which setting I should use?

CoreChair is designed to allow you to explore and discover your most comfortable position (or positions). Typical ergonomic chairs have an impressive array of levers to adjust the chair to fit you. When you figure out which lever does what you can fit the chair quite comfortably, but any refinements throughout your day are not so easy.

CoreChair is intended to allow you simple and easy adjustments that you can constantly engage throughout your day. Other than optimizing the fit to support your pelvis, we encourage you to continuously change your position throughout your day. In fact, we encourage the integration of adjustable stand up desks to your work station and to get up, walk around, and stretch whenever possible.

arrowHow is the CoreChair different from other ergonomic chairs?

Ergonomics is derived from two Latin words, "ergon" meaning work and "nomoi" meaning natural laws. In short, it is the science of optimizing work environments/ products for individuals to make their work more efficient and safe.

In many cases, the term "ergonomics" is overused. However, with respect to chair designs, this term and "human factors" are key considerations in the design. Traditional ergonomic chairs are designed with a plethora of adjustments to allow a chair to fit an individual. Most of these adjustments result in the individual finding a comfortable fit, but restricted to a fixed position, requiring him/her to make more adjustments to find a different comfortable position once the effects of sitting static in this first position begin to cause them discomfort or even injury.

In contrast, CoreChair is designed to fit and move with you, allowing you to constantly assume new positions without having to make adjustments. CoreChair is an active sitting ergonomic chair with intuitive adjustments and health benefits that surpass the traditional ergonomic chair.

arrowIs it an orthopedic chair?

Yes. Very much so! Orthopedics is a branch of medicine associated with the correction or prevention of deformities, disorders or injury of the skeleton and associated structures such as tendons/muscles and ligaments (soft tissues). CoreChair is designed to optimize pelvic position and prevent slumping, which prevents soft tissue CREEP (continuous repetitive elongation of the elastic properties).

The dynamic movement of CoreChair stimulates soft tissues to keep them activated and strengthened. By way of preventing injury, and in fact stimulating strength, CoreChair contributes significantly to the objectives of orthopedics.

arrowWhat are the different settings?

While CoreChair includes a highly technical and complex mechanism, one of the premises behind the design was to keep it simple and user-friendly. The chair includes three adjustments, with the controls within easy reach of your seated position.

The typical height adjustment located on the front left side just under the cushion edge allows you to fine tune sitting height. The obvious objective is to allow you to adjust your seat to a typical seat to floor height of 90˚ hip and knee flexion. However, it’s also intended to allow you to raise the seat higher, allowing the front edge to tilt down, resulting in a more open hip angle.

The sculpted seat prevents forward sliding, allowing for an enhanced pelvic spine position and even better balance of your ascending spine upwards into your neck. Raising the seat even higher allows you to reach a collaborative sitting environment and place your feet on the treaded base.

The low back support or pelvic stabilizer is designed to snugly hug the top of your pelvis, therefore preventing slumping and the challenges that arise from this type of sitting position.

We recommend that when you sit in the chair, you push your rear firmly into this support. Play with this adjustment by depressing the front paddle on your seat pan just below the cushion on the left side. This adjustment allows a comfortable fit for most people between approximately five feet tall and six foot three.

If you have experienced any spinal fusion procedures in the lumbar region, you may not experience the optimal effect from this feature. Contact us for some additional potential solutions.

arrowWhat are the features and benefits of CoreChair?

arrowWhat can I expect after sitting in a CoreChair for a few weeks?

Probably the most obvious observation after using the chair for this period of time is how fluidly you will be able to take the chair through all of its motions. Your core muscles will synchronize and offer much more efficiency in these activities.

You should feel some carry over to your general back health in other activities in time, and typical office chairs will become increasingly uncomfortable. Once you become a CoreChair user, you’ll never want to go back to your old office chair again!

arrowWhat is it like to sit in a CoreChair?

CoreChair is designed to be a naturally moving extension of yourself. Consider even the smallest movements of looking out the window or around the office. In a fixed office chair, most of this movement is done through your spine, which can have negative repercussions. In the CoreChair, even these subtle movements cause the chair to move with you, reducing the stress on your spine and soft tissues.

Probably the most reoccurring comment with respect to the highlighted experience of sitting on a CoreChair relates to when you stand up after sitting for a long period of time. In a fixed chair, when you get up you have a tendency to be stiff throughout your low back and pelvis. After sitting on the CoreChair you do not experience this stiffness.

For others observing you as you sit in your CoreChair, they will see you instead of your chair, and you will be sitting taller and looking much healthier and confident. This improved body language filters down to many aspects of your life.

arrowWhat is the back so low?

Contrary to popular belief, tall backs serve little purpose other than an opportunity to lounge in a diminished functional position, albeit relaxed. (Case in point: the iconic Aeron Chair by Herman Miller was originally designed as a chair for the aging population!) Studies conclude that women especially tend to perch on the front edge of their seat, and most people in general don’t even use the upper 2/3 of the tall back.

Most tall backs incorporate lumbar support in an attempt to counter the effects of low back pain and poor posture associated with sitting at 90˚ hip position. Lumbar support is intended to support the lumbar spine, which flattens when the pelvis is allowed to slump or tilt backward.

So what does CoreChair do differently? CoreChair’s back support addresses the "cause" of lumbar spine-flattening by creating a more aggressive posterior pelvic support. This holds the pelvis in a more vertical position and prevents slumping when used in harmony with the sculpted seat. When the pelvis is stabilized optimally, the ascending spine is balanced and this reduces the need for any further upper body support – especially for an engaged sitting position.

Additionally, the CoreChair back allows greater upper back lateral and rotational mobility. It encourages the shoulders to retract and the user to sit tall, without potentially contacting a surface that might otherwise push the user forward.

arrowWhy are there no armrests?

Armrests contribute to the sedentary outcome that is hazardous to our health. So, we eliminated them.

When it comes down to it, armrests’ primary function is allowing an inappropriately supported person the opportunity to lean to one side to stabilize their upper body. Most ergonomists suggest they assist in supporting the forearms while engaging in repetitive tasks such as typing.

However, when we sit in a slumped posture, the naturally inherent engineered lateral support within the spinous-vertebrae is not allowed to interface to provide this stability. When our spine is erect and balanced, these "facets" interconnect like a puzzle to provide the lateral stability. Standing is the obvious optimal position for this, while sitting is nearer the opposite end of the spectrum. A properly balanced seated person generally does not require outriggers to help them sit midline.

With a properly designed workstation, the CoreChair user is allowed to move into their workstation unencumbered by the interference of armrests.

Armrests are one of the most common inappropriately adjusted features on an office chair. When they are too high, they tend to push the shoulders up causing discomfort in the upper back and neck. When they are not fitted properly, they tend to contribute to nerve impingement in the forearm.

arrowWill CoreChair allow me to burn calories while I sit?

When compared with your typical, stationary office ergonomic office chair, CoreChair offers an excellent opportunity to move – which burns calories. The more you move, the more calories you burn!

The Mayo Clinic at Arizona State University campus has investigated the caloric burn of sitting in a CoreChair and their findings suggest that a brief CoreChair exercise regimen on frequent intervals throughout the day will in fact allow you to burn calories far in excess of just sitting, and is comparable to a treadmill desk moving at 2mph.

arrowWill CoreChair really strengthen my core?

Most definitely! But it will require you to expend some energy at regular intervals. CoreChair was extensively studied by the department of Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo, and compared to the stability ball to determine the comparative ability of recruiting core stabilizing muscle groups during prescribed exercises. CoreChair performed just as well as the stability ball.

To assist you further toward this goal, we have created a variety of exercise routines that you can follow to engage and strengthen your core. We encourage you to incorporate some of the exercises, even for just one minute every ten minutes. You will feel better throughout your day, and in time you should experience core strength that carries over to assist in your other activities of daily living, whether it be passive or sport related.

arrowWill I get tired sitting in it for too long?

Most of the exhaustion that we experience from sitting for long periods of time is associated with muscle fatigue and pain.

When we sit in a poorly-supported position, our core-stabilizing muscles have to work overtime in isometric mode in order to establish a functional position. This leads to fatigue early on in the daily marathon. Once fatigued, these muscles approach "shut down" mode and the process of fresh oxygen and nutrients associated with dynamic movement slows down. This causes chronic sitters to draw on stored energy, which depletes much quicker than aerobically powered or endurance activity.

CoreChair provides a balanced posture that does not require this extra energy to maintain a functional and engaged sitting position. It incorporates movement, and as a result, an enhanced circulation response that triggers the use of fresh oxygen as a source of fuel.

CoreChair is designed for people who sit for long hours. It allows you the unique opportunity to move passively and receive the benefits of movement. When on the higher intensity setting, you enjoy additional opportunities to mobilize joints, hydrate discs, challenge core-stabilizing muscles, and generally re-energize your system.

arrowWill the pivoting motion make me feel unstable?

The pivot position for the CoreChair is immediately beneath your center of balance. This point allows movement within the stability base of the chair on the floor and has been tested to be safe and certified under the BIFMA standards.

However, for those who aren’t accustomed to movement while sitting, this new CoreChair environment may initially seem unstable. In fact, it technically is an unstable surface in comparison to your fixed traditional chair.

The seat is designed in such a way that targeting your sitting location is very intuitive. This is one reason why the CoreChair mechanism is designed with an adjustable resistance. This allows for either personal accommodation to this relatively new world of movement, or an opportunity to adjust the resistance to specific tasks.

Similar to any athletic training, initially the new use will feel somewhat uncoordinated in the movements that are allowed by the CoreChair. The muscles that you engage to perform various movements and exercises will become more synchronized, your movements more fluid and efficient. In time, you will find yourself moving with more frequency and ease than ever before.

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