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  • "I have had lower back issues for years and have found that using the CoreChair for the past six months has lessened my back pain considerably. It has also helped to improve my posture. "


  • "We have been very happy with our CoreChairs. It has been beneficial for ergonomics and my colleague who has 20 yearsí experience from the engineering field, said that his back pain disappeared when he started to use this chair. We now have a CoreChair for everyone here. Also, I am happy with your delivery and service. 100% positive feedback from us! "

    Antti, Finland

  • "I am very happy with the CoreChair! I am using it because I sit for long hours at the office, and my back is much better since the chair arrived. I am actually missing it during weekends at home. Just yesterday I had an appointment with my chiropractor. He was very satisfied about the progress I have made and was impressed that my muscles are much better in balance than they used to be. The CoreChair has really improved my daily life!"

    Barbara, Germany

  • "My new CoreChair was just delivered an hour ago. 10 minutes to open the box, and a five minute assembly later, Iím rocking and rolling! I love this chair!!! Unbelievably fast service by your team. I canít thank everyone enough!"


  • "I received my CoreChair yesterday and I love it. My breathing is better, my posture is better and I am working my core as I work at my desk. After one day, I can say I feel more alert at my desk. "


  • "I have been using my CoreChair for only 2 days and already notice a huge difference in my lower back and hips! As a web developer and business owner I am unfortunately bound to a desk for hours on end and for 5 years have battled with stiff hips, lower back, and discomfort in my neck causing headaches. I am excited to see the amazing improvement as time progresses! "


  • "I absolutely love the CoreChair. I have been looking for a chair like this foreverÖit's crazy comfortable! Every component seems to be very well engineered - built to last - and why wouldn't it be with the very generous warranty that comes with it? In combination with my sit-stand desk, I have a workspace that moves with me all day. I never could sit still - and now I don't have to! Thank you CoreChair!!"


  • "I am an 81 year old who has spent 35 years in the past sitting in an office at a desk. I now have arthritis and back and neck problems because of the "sitting disease". Now that I have a CoreChair, it has changed the way I feel. A lot of older people like myself have trouble getting up after sitting for a while. With the CoreChair, there is no problem. The CoreChair is not just for the younger generation, but more importantly, it is for us seniors as well."


  • "I just received my core chair and I absolutely love it. It actually makes me want to be at work! Thank you."


  • "As a creative agency, we sit at our computers too longósometimes 8-10 or more hours a day. One of the major complaints from my staff was back, shoulder, and neck pain. Weíve had our CoreChairs almost a year now and there have been ZERO complaints. Pain and discomfort are gone, myself included! From a business perspective, itís been a great investment!"


  • "Take my word for it that the CoreChair is phenomenal.†I used to always have upper back tightness, and my lower body used to feel like sludge when I sat on my old office chair. Like many others I tried a standing desk, and that was very annoying, especially when feet and ankles felt pressure and swelling. I am very happy with my CoreChair! "


  • "I love my CoreChair and wish I could bring it with me when I work elsewhere. I love the lumbar support and the fact that I can move around, shake it up a bit, and keep mobilizing my back while sitting - it also keeps my brain focused! I have had my chair for over a year now and the quality is outstanding."


  • "Sitting in the CoreChair, I felt comfort. The support, immediate warmth and release on my lower back felt very good. Not only that, I can feel my abs working. [It's] the kind of chair that provides for a healthy lifestyle, freeing those who feel chained to their chair. Thanks CoreChair."


  • "I LOVE my CoreChair! I have always hated sitting still for long periods of time, but I can keep working and rocking all day long in my CoreChair.†As someone who perpetually squirms and fidgets in other chairs, CoreChair facilitates healthy movement throughout my day."


  • "The CoreChair was a Christmas gift that I immediately adopted. I am now always comfortable sitting at my desk and no longer feel the need to continuously adjust my position. Well done!"


  • "After being on the chair 2 years, my back, posture and overall strength in my torso has never been better. I believe CoreChair has made a meaningful benefit to my overall health and could not live without it! Itís the best investment I ever made in terms of my health and it continues to operate flawlessly."


  • "Iím a former professional athlete with a severe L5 disk problem, and the CoreChair literally saved my business life. Iím now able to sit at my desk in the office for a full day without back pain. Itís the only chair that worked for my backÖworth every penny! "


  • "My chiropractor visits have disappeared since using my CoreChair. Itís a high quality chair, comfortable, works as promised and after 2 years, still looks like new."


  • "My CoreChair was a very significant therapeutic compliment to my double hip resurfacing in 2013 and I continue to enjoy the comfort and added benefits of reduced back pain. I never really considered myself an early adopter of such innovative technology, but I am certainly pleased that I got my CoreChair."


  • "Using the CoreChair regularly has all but eliminated the lower back pain Iíve dealt with for my entire adult life Ė this is by far the best my back has felt in over 30 years.†Iím guessing that much of the improvement is simply the result of the CoreChairís unique cushion form helping me to maintain proper sitting posture."


  • "I was finding that my ankles were swelling by the end of the day in a regular office chair, once I switched to my CoreChair this stopped completely.†The freedom of movement it provides is tremendous and the smoothness of the caster wheels allow me to function within my area and then some. Great product."


  • "The CoreChair is excellent as it is the right balance of comfortable support, it encourages a supportive posture, and it allows my pelvis axial and rotational movement which I canít get in my regular office chair."


  • "I am extremely happy and feel better every day that passes. My core strength is coming back to me and I feel that [the CoreChair] is improving my posture."


  • "Now, many months since acquiring my CoreChair, my only regret is not having known about this chair sooner. My lower back pain is gone, my posture is better and my core muscle group is more actively engaged when seated. All of these benefits have helped me be more productive at my desk and allowed me to enjoy the rest of my day pain-free."


  • "I've been thrilled with the chair.†I limit my sitting, but nice to know that if I sit (especially during income tax crunch), this chair keeps me in form. Investment well spent.†Great job!"


  • "I love my new chair. Most comfortable chair I've ever had. Wishing you continued success with the CoreChair revolution!"


  • "My neck and back have become stronger since I started using the CoreChair and I have had a way more comfortable work day because of it. Thank you CoreChair!"


  • "I have used my CoreChair for a year and it has been the most comfortable and adaptable chair I have ever used.†I am most impressed how it has improved my posture together with so many movement options. Change is good and this is a high quality product.Ē"


  • "Thank you CoreChair for making multiple hours of sitting far more comfortable for me! Not only is it a stylish addition to my office, but I love the adjustability for freedom of movement through my day."


  • "I have suffered from poor posture at my computer table and drafting table for years resulting in chronic back pain. I purchased my CoreChair in March 2015 and have been enjoying its health benefits ever since. I appreciate the great service and my back appreciates†proper support."


  • "I used to have lower back pain for years when I sit too long, with CoreChair, I have no pain at all. I love this chair it [is] the best acquisition I have done. No physio anymore! I recommend it. "


  • "Love, Love this chair. It provides me with the lumbar support that I have always longed for, but could never find in anything before this device. The motion of the chair has certainly strengthened my core. I know that the longer I use it the more I will develop better posture both on and off the CoreChair."


  • "Received my new CoreChair today and it is great...I am really looking forward to less back aches!"


  • "I love this chair! After 15 minutes sitting in the chair I got up and my sore back was refreshed, it felt loosened and the compressed sensations I often get in my lower back were gone. I have recommended this chair to anyone who will listen. Thank you.Ē "


  • "The lumbar support is excellent and can be adjusted, and the contoured cushion is so very comfortable and supportive, that I look forward to heading to the practice room each day! I love my CoreChair and highly recommend it!"


  • "I am so extremely thrilled with my CoreChair. I received it so quickly and the service I received from [your team] is just fantastic. I feel like Iím getting paid to do a full core workout! "


  • "I love, love LOVE my CoreChair! I received impeccable service after ordering and I even received a phone call to follow up with my order to see if I had any questions. Yesterday was my first full eight hours with the chair and it really is life changing. I feel I have energy throughout the day and I am not forcing myself to sit properly in the chair."


  • "I currently enjoy active sitting at my desk in my CoreChair and I can honestly say that I havenít seen my chiropractor since I got my chair! I canít imagine sitting without it, my core is stronger and my posture is 100% better than it ever has been before."


  • "I have a lower back injury and always find that after 30 minutes of sitting in the Herman Miller, I have a tough time standing up. I donít have that problem with the CoreChair. I find I can just get up and go. I even find myself reading in the CoreChair, instead of lying on the couch. "


  • "Our very own CoreChair has arrived! Our backs are already thanking you."


  • "Received my CoreChair last week and noticed immediately its benefits on my body! I knew it would not be disappointed...thanks you!"


  • "I have just had back surgery and have come to understand how problematic sitting at a desk all day has become and how it has contributed to my back problems. Your new chair dramatically changed my sitting posture. I think your new chair is coming on the market at the perfect time."


  • "I am very happy to be in your chair. My neck has been a nee's nest for two months so the timing is so perfect. I feel relief already."


  • "I presented the CoreChair to an orthopedic doctor and he was very impressed. He said that this chair is by far the best quality he has seen so far.""


  • "I was so happy to receive my CoreChair yesterday, it has made an enormous difference in only one day. I LOVE it. Having it at my administrative job makes coming to work a pleasure."


  • "It's my first day on the new chair and I love it."


  • "Gorgeous product and thanks for getting back to me so swiftly."


  • "Unlike other chairs that I've had before, which kept me immobile, this chair keeps me moving and exercises many muscles while at the same time letting me concentrate at what I need to do."


  • "It is awesome. I have it in my office at the hospital and frequently invite others to try it. I'll never willingly switch back to anything else.""


  • "Still loving my chair! My back is much better!"


  • "After 6 months of use, I am finding that I have eliminated [my] lower back issues. Best investment for someone who spends lots of time sitting."


  • "As a workplace ergonomic specialist, this chair should be everywhere I go and I should take it everywhere I go."


  • "I have suffered from poor posture at my computer table and drafting table for years resulting in chronic back pain. I purchased my CoreChair in March 2015 and have been enjoying its health benefits ever since. I appreciate the great service and my back appreciates proper support!"


  • "I love, love LOVE my CoreChair. I received impeccable service from the online team after ordering and I even received a phone call to follow up with my order to see if I had any questions. Yesterday was my first full eight hours with the chair and it really is life changing. I feel I have energy throughout the day and I am not forcing myself to sit properly."


  • "I am a radiologist and spend most of my day sitting and reporting cases. I have tried several ergonomic style chairs and stools over the years. The CoreChair is the absolute best in my experience. I can sit through my work and at the end of a busy day I have no stress in my back or legs. The CoreChair is a must for anyone spending long hours at a workstation."

    Dr. Jeffrey Jenkin

  • "I have had a CoreChair for the last 5 months and I love it. I always had a good chair, but now my previous chair feels like a park bench."


  • "After several weeks of regular chair use, I am now virtually pain free and no longer dread sitting at my desk. I must also commend you on your excellent customer service and positive attitude of your support staff."


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