October 16th, 2015

3 Ways to be Healthier at Work

Just because you are a desk jockey doesn’t mean you are doomed to have ill health, but it does mean paying attention to your do’s and don’ts at work. Here are 3 ways to maintain your health at the office!

#1 Drink Only Water

Find yourself a really awesome, large size water bottle. Fill it up the night before so you can just grab and go in the morning. Aim to drink at least one full bottle throughout the day. Stick to water or herbal tea and resist taking in empty calories in the form of sugary drinks to perk you up. Jazz up your H2O with watermelon, berries, cucumber or mint! If drinking water is a chore, think of the water lubricating and cushioning your joints, nourishing your brain and regulating your body temperature. Bonus: water is a great way to normalize your appetite – sometimes when we think we’re hungry we’re actually just thirsty! Cheers to a clear head and happy joints!

#2 Move More

Sitting is the most practical way to get our work done. If you sit at work do yourself a favour and get the best chair you possibly can. Of course, we think that’s the CoreChair! CoreChair is an active sitting, supportive, comfortable chair that stimulates your circulation, blood flow and lympathetic system while engaging your core muscles (check out our CoreFit exercises here). In addition to a good chair, be sure to get up and move periodically. The more we can incorporate small movements into our day, the more calories we burn, the more we keep our muscles and joints pliable, and the better chance for our heart and brain to function at optimal levels.

#3 Create a Fit Challenge with a Colleague

The only thing tougher than staying on track with our personal health commitments is getting on track in the first place! Here’s an idea: find a like-minded colleague that will remind you to get up from your desk, do a few air squats, take a break and go for a walk at lunch. If you each have a fitness tracker keep tabs on how many steps you reach during the day and spur each other on to stay on track! Take turns preparing healthy snacks to bring to the office (hello hummus and carrot sticks!). Ask colleagues to share their healthiest recipes. Keep some 2 or 3lb weights in your desk drawer to get in a little extra toning (and warm up if the air conditioning is blasting!).

Drink up, keep moving and tune into your body!

- Lisa Forsyth
Lisa Forsyth is a Certified Personal Trainer and creator of CoreFit, exercise routines developed for use in conjunction with the CoreChair.