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  • CoreChair will cover the shipping and return.
  • Quality is your peace of mind investment: CoreChair comes with a rock-solid 12 year warranty.

CoreChair Design

CoreChair is an active sitting solution designed for those who find themselves sitting for extended periods of time, experiencing the discomfort of static sitting or who are concerned about the negative health effects of sitting.

CoreChair CEO & Founder, Patrick Harrison, is a Kinesiologist with a passion for healthy sitting solutions that was fine-tuned early in his career in the design of specialized seating for persons dependent on wheelchairs for mobility. The primary objectives were to stabilize the pelvis, optimize the sitting posture for function and the prevention of pressure points to maintain tissue integrity. These same principles were introduced into the seat design of CoreChair and integrated into our patented core mechanism that allows 14 degrees of fluidic movement in all directions with adjustable resistance to accommodate and/or challenge the user in developing the endurance of their core stabilizing muscles.

Technical Specifications

Satisfaction Guarantee

60 Day Return Policy: We offer a 60 Day Return Policy. If the CoreChair is not everything you hoped for, it can be returned for a full refund – we’ll pay for the shipping too! Please keep the original packaging and contact our customer service team at or call 1.877.300.3797 within 60 days of receiving your chair.

12 Year Warranty: Your CoreChair is warranted against manufacturing defects for a full 12 years. Its structure and mechanisms have been rigorously tested to ensure they will continue to perform under normal conditions. It is that simple. If the chair breaks and it is determined that it was a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace your chair. Please note: While this warranty does not include normal wear and tear, we will be pleased to offer you an opportunity to upgrade your components that might be subject to unusual conditions beyond our control at a preferred CoreChair rate. Please note that the user weight limit is 250 pounds.

Shipping & Returns

We currently ship across North America. If you are interested in shipping internationally, please contact so we can discuss shipping options before orders are finalized.

Standard orders within North America will be processed and shipped within 10 working days from the order date. Should there be a delay you will be notified at, or immediately after, the time your order is placed. Customers ordering in bulk quantity will be contacted about shipping options before orders are completed.


For corporate financing options, please contact We do not offer personal financing options at this time.

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