You work hard. You deserve the best office chair possible. So, what should you look for when you’re ready to buy? Here’s our list of 5 must-have’s to get the office chair of your dreams.


You and your chair will be friends for a long time (hopefully!). Take a good, long look at the seat and back support. Is the seat well cushioned for sitting comfort? Is it sculpted to distribute your weight evenly and take the pressure off your sitting bones? Ideally the chair seat should work in conjunction with the low back support to stabilize your pelvis to encourage a healthy, upright spinal position and prevent slumping. Together, they’ll ensure years of sitting comfort.

2.Smarten up!

With the right chair, you just might work smarter. The more you move, the more you stimulate blood flow to the brain which can enhance your ability to learn, concentrate and stay alert. An active sitting solution that gives you freedom of movement can help you do your best work. No matter what chair you select, be sure to incorporate frequent activity breaks into your day.

3.Back and Joint health

Your chair should contribute to good back and joint health. Look for an option that allows for proper postural positioning and good movement of the hips, pelvis and the spine. Consider an active sitting chair, since a healthy spine needs diversity of movement to trigger the soft tissue surrounding the spine. This helps to strengthen core muscles and hydrate the discs of our spine.


How well researched is the chair you’re looking to buy? Ensure it meets, or even better, exceeds BIFMA standards (a non-profit organization that establishes industry standards for furniture comfort, safety, sustainability and durability). Go for gold and look for a chair that is NEAT™ certified by the Mayo Clinic. This stamp of approval means the chair has been scientifically proven to stimulate your metabolism. Who doesn’t want to burn calories while they sit?

5.Satisfaction Guarantee

Make sure you consider three things. First, ensure there’s an opportunity to return the chair if you decide it’s not working for you. Second, how long is the warranty on the chair? The better the warranty, the better the chair – it means the manufacturer is confident your chair is built to last. Not only does that give you peace of mind, but it means less waste in the furniture graveyard (otherwise known as the landfill). Third, beware the false economy of a cheaper chair – they have diminished functionality over time. Spending more for a quality chair built to last means you’ll pay more upfront, but less in the long run.

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