Value Of Workplace Wellness Investments

If you’re a busy company owner, investing in a corporate wellness program may not be top of mind. However, investing in workplace wellness pays off in many ways, from reducing healthcare costs, to boosting productivity, to creating a stronger work culture and better morale. Making improvements to these aspects of your company can go a long way towards boosting your revenue and bottom line.

Workplace Wellness Investments

Corporate wellness programs best practices

For companies implementing a workplace wellness program, there are some best practices to ensure all employees reap the benefits. Any programs implemented should be accessible to all employees, and wellness programs should be integral to the structure of the company, along with workplace safety and benefits, for example. One of the most important practices is to create a health-conscious environment, incorporating healthy eating, physical activity and comfort.

What are the outcomes?

In 2013, Sun Life Financial released the Sun Life-Buffet National Wellness Survey, which highlighted that employers who implemented a workplace wellness program saw a 40% reduction in absenteeism, 30% improvement in productivity and 18% fewer disability claims.

Companies who invest in workplace wellness experience improved productivity, lower health benefits costs, lower absenteeism, increased morale and higher retention rates, among many other benefits. Keeping employees active and healthy not only maintains a positive work environment, but also reduces the costs associated with a high-turnover rate.

How to build a strategic workplace wellness program

There are standards your business can meet to ensure that you’re implementing a strategic wellness program. TD’s office in the Toronto TD Centre recently became the first building in the world to become a WELL Certified™ project. TD is able to deliver a complete health and wellness experience for employees in a variety of areas through improved lighting systems, healthy foods, resting areas, comfortable workspaces and more.

Most recently, John Brooks Company in Mississauga implemented a corporate wellness program which saw powerful results. The Mississauga News reported that employees had higher energy, productivity and morale, and the company is attracting employees. As well, drug claims for prescriptions related to diabetes and depression have decreased, and the company has spent zero dollars on health care claims since its implementation.

The value of workplace wellness programs is undeniable and there are ways you can strategically adopt a corporate wellness program that keeps your employees healthy and happy and saves you money.

Active sitting is a crucial part of corporate wellness. Employees are able to remain active while working from a desk, improving health and productivity. Seating solutions such as the CoreChair are engineered to engage your core, optimize spine position, improve posture, reduce back strain and stress, and prevent diseases linked to chronic sitting. There’s no time like the present to start moving at work.

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