5 Ways To Reduce Back Pain

If you spend most of the day sitting still in an office chair, chances are you experience back pain at some point or another. Pressure points from static sitting positions and muscle damage from years of spending your day slouched over in an uncomfortable, non-active office chair can cause shooting pain in your back. If back issues are putting a damper on your life, below are 5 ways you can reduce the pain, allowing you to live happier and healthier.

Get Rid Of Back Pain

  1. Live a healthy lifestyle
    Good nutrition, quality sleep, staying hydrated and managing stress are all contributors to a healthy lifestyle. Vitamin K, found in broccoli, spinach and other dark, leafy greens has been shown to strengthen bones, making them denser and more resistant to everyday wear and tear. Stronger bones means a stronger body and a strong body reduces your chance of muscular or skeletal injury from sitting for extended periods.
  2. Move often
    Several years ago the Mayo Clinic launched a NEAT(ô) certification program which is focused on the positive health benefits of non exercise activity. Their research found that engaging in non exercise activity (any activity you do outside of the gym or sleeping) such as walking while youíre on the phone, pacing, fidgeting, gardening or folding laundry, can result in sustainable weight loss and a dramatic improvement in overall health including back health.
  3. Exercise regularly
    Pay attention to the muscle groups of the back and those connected to the back when you exercise. Stretch out your hip flexors with lunging stretchers or use a roller on your upper back or other sore areas.
  4. Develop stronger core muscles
    Strong core muscles stabilize your back, ensuring that itís able to comfortably support your body weight. There are many core strengthening exercise options to consider building into your gym or home repertoire. Seek out an accredited instructor such as a certified personal trainer to work with on building core exercise routines that work for you. When at work, keep your core engaged by choosing an active sitting chair that encourages movement during sitting time.
  5. Improve your posture
    Choose a chair that is designed to promote good posture, such as an active sitting chair which helps to keep your spine healthy through a diversity of movement, mobilizing the joints, strengthening core muscles and hydrating vertebral discs. Good posture means less strain on your back muscles, which will help to reduce the potential for back pain in the future.

Reports have shown that 80% of the population have experienced significant back pain in their lifetime and 30% are presently seeking some form of intervention. Back pain can be extremely debilitating, stopping you from pursuing and enjoying things you used to. However, with some simple adjustments to the way you sit, what you eat, how you exercise and how frequently you move, you can help reduce your current back pain, as well as mitigate the risk of it returning in the future.

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