Can Sitting Improve Your Metabolism?

The suggested harmful effects of spending too much of our day sitting still are never ending. Everything from increased incidences of diabetes to increased risk of cardiovascular issues comes up in medical literature surrounding the harmful effects of static sitting for extended periods of time. One of the most immediately noticeable short-term effects of sitting still for too many hours a day is the one it has on your metabolism.

Sitting Still Is Bad For Metabolic Rate

Many studies have shown that lack of movement has a measurable and noticeable effect on your metabolism. Sedentary lifestyles negatively affect your metabolism, which consequently affects your body's ability to control blood glucose levels, blood pressure and burn fat. Studies have also shown that the less you move during the day, the slower your metabolism remains, even when you later exercise, as extended static sitting reduces your body's ability to burn fat when exercising.

The general truth is that our body's metabolic system suffers when we don’t move throughout the day. There is an epidemic, which is widely recognized by modern science and medicine, of people's bodies breaking down because of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, depression and the other deluge of metabolic health problems that come from sitting statically for too many hours a day.

The obvious way to help promote a better metabolic rate, then, is to move frequently throughout the day by standing, walking and stretching. Incorporating movement into your sitting time with active sitting chairs will improve posture, increase blood flow and generally increase your metabolic rate.

The straight answer to the question “can sitting improve your metabolism,” then, is a definite “it depends”. If you select a chair designed to actually encourage movement, then yes! Considering how much of life in the 21st century involves sitting (driving, public transportation, meals, lounging at home), if we’re able to find a healthier way to sit during our 9-5 it’s definitely a move in the right direction and a boost to our metabolism.

If you are wondering why you seem to be unable to shed those extra pounds, despite regular exercise and eating well, it might not be your food choices or workout routine that is to blame, it could simply be that you are not moving enough everyday. Improve your metabolic rate and overall health by incorporating active sitting into your daily routine in the workplace.

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