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Health is a relationship between you and your body and sitting should be no exception!

The Sitting Disease

The “perils of sitting” has become a mantra in the health and wellness world, encouraging us to seek alternatives to optimize our longevity and quality of life, to maximize our personal productivity and ease our aching backs. The sitting disease has a new antidote: MOVEMENT.

Research from around the world has concluded that the sedentary impact of sitting in traditional office chairs is detrimental to our health. While these studies are alarming, nothing is more immediately conclusive than the personal aching back and body that result from prolonged static sitting. 80% of the population have experienced at least one significant incident of back pain in their life and almost 30% are currently seeking some form of therapeutic intervention for debilitating back pain. Most can readily relate to the tightness and pain associated with prolonged sessions of sitting statically in even high end ergonomic task chairs. The impact of lost productivity that results in the form of absenteeism and presenteeism has a significant impact on the bottom line.


In response to these personal and business impacts we seek remedies that range in scope from behaviour modification, biofeedback, standing work stations and even treadmill desks. All of these options strive to introduce movement into our activities of daily living. Within this plethora of alternatives, sitting has come to be viewed as an evil that must be avoided, and yet sitting is as natural to us as breathing. Rather than abandoning this inherent human functional position, the solution is as simple as introducing small doses of incidental movement throughout the day.

The CoreChair

CoreChair has conquered the perils of sitting by way of a unique postural support system that focuses on the pelvis as the foundation, providing a balanced neutral sitting posture. With this optimized posture, the CoreChair provides fluidic motion through a range of 14 degrees in all directions, enhancing joint mobilization of the hips, pelvis and spine. This movement stimulates circulation, hydrates and nourishes the vertebral discs and engages and strengthens the core stabilizing muscles. This directly addresses the negative impacts of sedentary outcomes associated with fixed chairs and provides a training effect that reduces sitting back pain with a carry-over benefit to all other activities of daily living. The adjustable resistance of the CoreChair provides an individual with benefits they might expect from an exercise ball in the gym.

- Patrick Harrison
CoreChair CEO/Founder

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