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NEAT™ stands for the science of Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, developed by Mayo Clinic.

Health Benefits

CoreChair is a comfortable ergonomic, active sitting chair that encourages movement, helping to mitigate the risks associated with sedentary lifestyles and benefit those who suffer from back pain. Key to improved health is maintaining movement throughout the day. CoreChair offers many health benefits: it embraces the pelvis to optimize posture; engages core muscles; offers a diversity of hip, pelvis and spinal movements; and stimulates circulation and other vital systems.

Our connection to technology is unavoidable in todayís world. But sitting at a computer takes its toll on everything from our backs to our eyes. Working professionals who regularly sit for hours at a time are most at risk. Before the CoreChair, innovation in technology had outpaced innovation in seating solutions. Now there is an opportunity for all us to benefit from an ergonomic seating innovation that helps lessen the gap between health and technology. Whether you are a senior banking executive, a technophile and avid gamer, or an office worker with back pain, sitting and being overly connected to your computer and other devices can cause havoc with your health. Introduce movement into your sitting time Ė experience active sitting with CoreChair!

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CoreChair was developed with a research based approach to address sitting disease and back pain. Partnering with organizations including Mayo Clinic, Cornell University and University of Waterloo (among others), we continue to validate the health benefits of the CoreChair. Studies reveal that the average person spends between 9-13 hours a day sitting, which leads to serious health implications. We provide an ergononomic, active sitting office chair with actual health benefits that is backed by 8 years of research.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

CoreChair is not your traditional office chair. We're breaking the mould with our revolutionary, ergonomic design that encourages active sitting. Itís important to us that you have time to determine if you love the CoreChair as much as we think you will. Our Satisfaction Guarantee includes a 60 Day Return Policy. Sit on it, move on it and work on it. If you donít love it, weíll take it back and give you a full refund. Our 12 Year Warranty gives you long term peace of mind for worry free, active sitting.

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Founder and CEO Pat Harrison has a vision of a healthier workplace where the CoreChair, an improved and comfortable, ergonomic office chair, delivers what our bodies need most: movement. Health investments such as the CoreChair deliver health benefits, increased productivity, less sick time and lower healthcare spending. Many of us are concerned about the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Minimize personal spending on health practitioners with an active sitting chair designed to provide optimum postural support and movement.

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Workplace Wellness

Healthy workplaces provide opportunities for employees to be physically active. Something as simple as upgrading the standard office chair to an ergonomic active sitting chair can have a significant impact on employee health and bottom line performance. Employees who are well contribute more and are away less. According to the Conference Board of Canada, the direct cost of absenteeism averaged $16.6 billion to the economy as a whole. Wellness investments can help to mitigate these outcomes.

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  • "I was so happy to receive my CoreChair yesterday, it has made an enormous difference in only one day. I LOVE it. Having it at my administrative job makes coming to work a pleasure."


  • "I just received my core chair and I absolutely love it. It actually makes me want to be at work! Thank you."


  • "I am an 81 year old who has spent 35 years in the past sitting in an office at a desk. I now have arthritis and back and neck problems because of the "sitting disease". Now that I have a CoreChair, it has changed the way I feel. A lot of older people like myself have trouble getting up after sitting for a while. With the CoreChair, there is no problem. The CoreChair is not just for the younger generation, but more importantly, it is for us seniors as well."


  • "Our very own CoreChair has arrived! Our backs are already thanking you."


  • "Using the CoreChair regularly has all but eliminated the lower back pain Iíve dealt with for my entire adult life Ė this is by far the best my back has felt in over 30 years.†Iím guessing that much of the improvement is simply the result of the CoreChairís unique cushion form helping me to maintain proper sitting posture."


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